Our factoring services

Expand your working capital with Commercial Finance Group


Financing outstanding invoices

Without sufficient liquid assets, (further) growth is almost impossible. Fast access to funds is therefore crucial.

CFG funds up to 90% of your outstanding approved invoices (including VAT). The money is available in your current account within 24 to 48 hours. You pay interest only on the amounts you have assigned to us and for the period that you have assigned them.

This unique and flexible financing technique grows with your turnover!

Follow-up of your accounts receivable

The administrative side of handling a debtor file takes time and effort. CFG manages your receivables so that you can focus on what you do best.

Your contact person builds a professional and effective relationship with your customers. That professional approach will encourage them to pay faster. Moreover, you decide, in consultation with CFG, which reminder procedures you want to implement.

You are under no obligation to transfer your entire debt portfolio.

Customer credit analysis

Even a minimum of information regarding your debtors reduces the risk of possible unpleasant surprises and accompanying worries.

CFG will therefore examine the creditworthiness of your existing and potential debtors, even in the prospecting phase. You are entitled to free solvency surveys on a monthly basis, whereby the creditworthiness of your (potential) debtors is checked. Our credit analysis provides you with an efficient and economical tool to help your debtor portfolio grow in a positive direction.

When it comes to your business, only the greatest trust is sufficient.

Your bank-independent partner in factoring


Fast pre-financing (within 48 hours)


Clear cost structure (no hidden costs)


100% bank-independent


Flexible concentration-clauses

Proactive customer follow-up

Proactive follow-up by a permanent contact person with the necessary expertise to determine the best approach for you.


No more worries about customer administrationand always sufficient cash resources available.